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 About Us                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Solvent Purification

Jorg Meyer is one of the pioneers of commercial Grubb's type solvent systems.  This safer alternative to solvent distillation is typically referred to as solvent purification.  The preferred term is Solvent Drying System (SDS). Grubbs systems remove moisture and oxygen, but only a small amount of other impurities from anhydrous solvents. 

Mr. Meyer has worked for a major university for many
decades.  For safety reasons, he was asked by the
university to build solvent systems to replace stills. Out of the ashes of still fires, Mr. Meyer designed and built his Phoenix Solvent Drying Systems. He has worked closely with chemistry departments to develop his highly regarded solvent systems.

The first solvent system Mr. Meyer sold, was in 1997 to the Dave Evans group at Harvard. The system is still in operation.  The same columns were operated by the Evans group for 10 years before they were exchanged.  Mr. Meyer’s customer list from his original company reads like a who’s who of academic chemistry.
Jorg Meyer and his wife Allison Meyer are the sole employees and partners of JC Meyer Solvent Systems, just as they were with their previous company, GlassContour.   The Meyers sold their former company, Glass Contours, in 2004.  Having met all the requirements of their contract, they are now free to pursue a new business.  In August of 2010, The Meyers decided to re-enter the market due to their desire to serve their customers.    Jorg and Allison have always been dedicated to excellent customer service.  Their famous quote about customer service is “Unlike many companies, we actually do what we say we are going to do”.  

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