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JC Meyer Solvent Systems produces a wide variety of solvent purification systems, more precisely, Solvent Dying Systems (SDS).  The Phoenix SDS line represents a new generation of solvent drying technology.  The methods of drying and the materials used have been refined over the past 5 years, during Mr. Meyers absence from the industry.  

Our new technology results in longer lasting columns, exceeding the original capacity specification of 400 L per column.  JC Meyer is so confident of their systems expanded capacity, that they offer free column replacements for the first 3 years of operation.  (The free exchange must be accompanied by titration data, the customer must pay for shipping.)

Each new Phoenix SDS system can be tailored to your requirements.  Whenever possible, the systems will be pre-assembled and pre-plumbed for user self installation, thus saving you money.
JC Meyer Solvent Systems are not only the best in the industry, they are the most competitively priced as well!  Scroll down to see the model options below.

Here is an example of how your laboratory could look with a JC Meyer Solvent System


All systems are custom built to your specifications. The following are standard  features included in the purchase price:    

  1. Fully conditioned purifier columns resin towers
  2. SST solvent kegs in 10 or 20 liter capacity, complete with all fittings
  3. Vacuum transfer device for refilling solvent kegs without pouring solvent
  4. Safety device to eliminate the possibility of pumping solvent through the vacuum pump
  5. Pump connections
  6. SST braided argon and solvent high pressure lines, and SST tubing throughout
  7. Set of take-off adapters
  8. Set of take-off flasks of your choice, one per each solvent (FREE) 
  9. Cross-diffusion prevention devices
  10. Quick disconnect for argon supply
  11. Pressure gauge
  12. Argon manifold with back diffusion prevention
  13. Large main emergency shut off valve
  14. Kalrez o-rings throughout
  15. Fully guaranteed for one year against polymerization of solvents
  16. Custom design to fit your needs as required 

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